Wi-Fi Now for Fishers’ Rights at Sea!

*Communicate with family and loved ones*

*Access to information and advice*

*Defend labour & human rights*

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We, distant water fishers, get up before dawn and work hard to pull tons of tuna, squid, and other fish from the sea that ends up on families’ tables all over the world. Our hard labour, carried out under poor conditions and wages, contributes to Taiwan’s economy, yet we are invisible to most. We stay at sea for months without sight from land and spend years away from our wives, children and parents, just to provide them with a better future — we have the same hopes and dreams as Taiwanese parents.

We ask the government of Taiwan to guarantee migrant fishers our right to access Wi-Fi on fishing vessels. We wish to have the means to contact our families and seek help during our work in distant waters. We seek humane and dignified working conditions at sea!

We call for the Taiwanese government and Fishing Industry to do the right thing and require all fishing vessels to have accessible Wi-Fi for migrant workers.

I hereby authorize GLJ-ILRF to use photos, videos, statements, & audio recordings taken of me to assist GLJ-ILRF & partner organizations named above in the 'Wi-Fi Now for Fishers' Rights at Sea!' Campaign, including posting any of these items on GLJ-ILRF affiliated website/social media.

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